Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Series Baseball - Last-Minute Party Plan

With the World Series coming to an end (just one or two games left to this exciting series), why not throw a last-minute party.

• Phone or e-mail guests to invite them to watch the game at your private "stadium."
• Invite your guests to wear their favorite team’s colors and logos.

• Decorate your space by hanging posters, photos or magazine pages featuring headlines, team shots, or articles – anything about baseball.
• Use pennants, game programs, logo caps and other baseball gear as part of your room displays.

• When there are many guests, it's best to rent or borrow extra television sets for easy viewing. Your guests can cheer for their team without missing a hit or a steal.
• Between innings, conduct a rousing game of baseball trivia. Give “smarty slips” for each correct answer and a prize to the biggest "Stadium Smarty."
• Rent a few baseball-related movies (Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, The Natural, A League of Their Own, or Sandlot) and set up a club lounge area for those folks who aren't that interested in the sport but who still want to be a part of your game day gala.

• Serve baseball park foods - hot dogs, pretzels, beer, popcorn, Cracker Jacks or have fun and serve some New York favorites such as thin crust pizza or for the Philly fans, go with a steak and cheese sandwich and be sure to have mustard for your pretzels.
• Cut pages from sports magazines of baseball pictures, copies of internet photos and programs and spread them on a table clothed in your team colors. Overlay the artwork with a clear plastic cloth for a grand slam spread.
• Arrange fresh or silk flowers and greenery set into floral foam in a large plastic-lined popcorn box weighted with pebbles. Add small pennants on sticks to show even more team spirit.

• Take instant photos of your guests throwing out the game ball.
• Key ring with a baseball or bat design
• Baseball cards and bubble gum packets

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QUESTION: What's the last to words to the National Anthem
ANSWER: Play ball!

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