Sunday, November 29, 2009

Event Leftovers - what do you do with all that stuff?

It happens to every party or wedding planner, whether you're a professional or amateur party host, at the end of the event you have all of this...stuff. What do you do with it?

Event Leftovers is an exciting website where you can buy or sell new or gently-used items that are leftover after the party's over.

Not only is it a green way to go by recycling products but it's also a great money-saving or money-making idea.

Props, linens, party favors, paper products - virtually anything durable you have that's left over at the end of the event can be sold on the Event Leftovers site. But it's not just party products. You can also buy and sell wedding gowns, bridal party attire, cocktail dresses, jewelry and more.

As a consumer what does that mean to you? Well, now you can take advantage of someone buying too many high quality party products who are now trying to sell them at a discount for you to buy for your upcoming wedding or party. That's right, you can buy the leftovers that people like celebrity lifestyle expert, party and wedding planner Colin Cowie purchased for his star client list.

Whether it's a wedding, shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelor or bachelorette celebration, birthday party, holiday gatherings, fundraiser or any celebration or entertaining occasion, you can find great deals at Event Leftovers.

And while you can save money by buying for less, you can even make money. You can sell any leftovers that you may have after you've used them for your event to recoup some of your purchases as well.

Listing items is free and there is a nominal fee if you sell anything. And isn't that better than cluttering up your garage or warehouse with a dozen extra vases and a collection of party favors?

When selling, the trick is to be as specific as you can in your item's description such as including the dimensions of the item, color, style and so forth. Be sure to include a high quality photo. Remember a picture says a thousand words.

And if you're not sure about something you're thinking of buying, you can contact the seller to get a better description or answers to your concerns. Some items are priced as the entire lot and some things are listed with a per item price and the designation isn't always necessarily clear, so contact the seller to make sure that you understand the total cost of what you want to purchase.

Many of the durable items are less expensive than you would pay to rent them. And since you can still sell them after the party, it's almost like getting things for free.

And if you don't see the item you want and have the time to wait, you can subscribe to get an e-mail alert when your product becomes available.

Spread the word about Event Leftovers, the more people that use the service, the more products that will be available for you to buy and save.

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  1. I love the picture you posted! I really like your low cost ideas, these days we need to watch our budgets yet still have some fun!

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