Friday, December 11, 2009

VIDEO: How to make simple baby toys from foam rubber sponges

What's a toy that a baby can't break, won't hurt them and is something you can easily make with things you can buy inexpensively or more likely have lying around your house? It's baby gifts made from foam rubber or more specifically a swimming noodle or a sponge.

Cut them into the size and shapes that best suits the baby or small child you're making them for. And since noodles come in different colors and shapes and you can buy sponges in a variety of colors, you know that they will stimulate the child and best of all, they don't make any noise. And they can have as much fun with it in the living room or crib as well as the tub.

They can bend it, chew it, toss it around and no one is going to get hurt. And if they get dirty, just toss them into your washing machine or dishwasher to keep them safe and sanitary. Now how many things can you do that with?

And if it wears out, you can just cut up a couple of more shapes.

In this economy, isn't it nice to know that you can give your child or any child a gift they'll enjoy and won't break the bank.

One tip - it's easier to cut the kitchen sponge if it's totally dry.

Who needs Sponge Bob when you can make your own sponge characters!

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VIDEO: How to make decorations from baby footprints

How to Make Footprint Decorations for a Baby Shower -- powered by

Baby footprints are a sweet theme to use for a baby shower, bris or christening. And it's easy to do with either clip art footprints, or if the baby has already been born, by taking the actual footprint of the baby. You can use a water-based stamp pad. You can even find stamp pads in colors to match the baby's sex or your color theme.

As shown in the video, you can add them to paper or plastic glassware and favor boxes but you can also scan the footprint and then put it on the invitations, name tags, place cards for sit down events, affix to balloons, or blow them up into giant posters.

If you want, you can even take the print or scan of your baby's footprint and have it turned into a rubber stamp so you can personalize everything for your shower. From crepe paper to table cloths to wrapping paper - you're only limited by your imagination.

Footprints are as individual as fingerprints, so for party decor that no one else will ever have, try the baby footprint them.